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 Looking for a room in the center of Maastricht

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PostSubject: Looking for a room in the center of Maastricht   Thu Jul 31, 2008 10:19 pm

Hi, I am new student at UCM.

I am searching a kind of place that;

- should be closer to the building Of UCM (My Faculty) although, Maastricht is not a big city. But, I prefer to go my faculty by walking or cycling. I think, It is the best option for my health, and maybe I should canalize some public transportation expenses to more comfortable accomodation by this way.(But,not so much ofcourse)

- should be close-positioned to the city center. (According my little research, UCM building is near the center of the city.)

- should also had enough furnitured and my own room for securely distribution of my electronic devices and course materials, and some other materials.

-should also includes housemates that I am easily contact with. I don't want to exclude my self from other people or society. (I mean, I need to stay alone at individual work on my studies when it needs, and the other times , I should prefer to be stay with friends or community.)

At this perspective, I found two Guest house seemed suitable for me, these were at Heugemerweg(seems like a little isolated - single studio) and Heilige Geest(farther one but social one with single room)

But the bad situation is all of the guest house were booked until next year(January). Maybe you should advise me another opinion or another site to look for or maybe telling new regions or streets for searching suitable places .

I have always stayed with my family, so I am not skilled at acommodation. Maybe you should give me some advice and different ideas related to this subject

If I will have found a suitbale room or home-mate ,I want to come at 19th August '08 for participating the INKOM organization.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for a room in the center of Maastricht   Thu Aug 07, 2008 8:16 pm

hehe, good luck with all of that.

The problem in Maastricht is that :

1. properties are already expensive in the Netherlands
2. the demand coming from student make the price raise much more then in other countries sicne the supply is not following
3. really difficult to find something in the city center for funny money, you might find something in the average price of 500/month. Probably it will be really nice but still you will be bound by year contracts and they might require few months warranty.

Besides that it is possible to find rat cages for cheap prices but don't expect decent quality for that...

But anyway I will cross my fingers for you!
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Looking for a room in the center of Maastricht
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