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 EUROLINGO language courses

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PostSubject: EUROLINGO language courses   EUROLINGO language courses Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2007 11:02 pm


Fort Willemweg 28
NL-6219 PB Maastricht
Tel: ++31 617602499

Mail: info@eurolingo.eu

Language courses
With EUROLINGO, you can learn a language in your own tempo and level, whenever it suits you best, for a reasonable price.

Custom-made courses
The possibilities at EUROLINGO are infinite, because EUROLINGO does everything suited to your wishes. You can start or stop at any level, and you can determine when and how often you meet. That means that you can it as fast as you want: for example, a crash course with daily sessions, or an easier program with about one session a week. When the teacher has assessed your level, you agree on the number of sessions (minimum 5) and the duration of each session. 120 minutes is ideal, but longer or shorter sessions are also an option.

It is never a problem if you want sessions in a changing schedules or at an unusual time or when a session has to be rescheduled to another date or time. So you´re not bound to predetermined programs with a fixed amount of lessons and a rigid timetable. Ideal for people with a changing daily schedule, like students or flexiworkers.

Personal approach
Not only the content is important. You must also enjoy it. That´s why there is always coffee or tea and a pleasant atmosphere. Our consultants and teachers have an academic level and are a source of information on diverse aspects of culture.

Course material
The course material will be chosen in consultation with the teacher, according to your needs and wishes. The course will cover speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. When necessary, more attention will be given to a particular skill.

When the group is not bigger than 10 people the sessions can take place in the room EUROLINGO in Maastricht. But of course, it can also take place on the location of your choice.

The hourly price depends on the number of participants and at what time you want to meet. So bring your friends or colleagues along.

[copied form eurolingo webpage]
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EUROLINGO language courses Empty
PostSubject: practicing Spanish   EUROLINGO language courses Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2008 12:25 pm

Hola! Estoy aprendiendo espanol y pienso que tengo que practicar más! Por eso, busco gente en Maastricht que quieren practicar su espanol conmigo!! Podemos ir a bares y tomar unas bebidas y hablar espanol... Aprender una lenguaje no tiene que ser duro!! Cuándo quieres, puedo ensenarte holandes tambien (soy una nativa de holanda). Enviame un mensaje: selmaboerrigter@hotmail.com
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EUROLINGO language courses
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